Madden 25 MUT pack codes coming tomorrow

by: Dan -
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I like to give stuff away, and it just so happens that I have several Xbox 360, Madden 25 MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) Pack codes to give away tomorrow.  These were all acquired through the Pepsi Max promo, and there is a total of 9 codes coming throughout the day.  This will be a first come, first serve deal, so please pay attention and try not to grab a code for a MUT pack that you may already have.   Here are the Promo Pack players and counts by code:
Promo Pack 1 – 2 Codes
Troy Aikman (QB) – Gold
Adrian Peterson (RB) – Silver
Mario Williams (DE) - Silver
Promo Pack 2 – 2 Codes
Dan Marino (QB) – Gold
Jared Allen (DE) – Silver
Anquan Boldin (WR) - Silver
Promo Pack 3 – 1 Code
Joe Montana (QB) – Gold
Victor Cruz (WR) – Silver
Brandon Spikes (LB) - Silver
Promo Pack 4 – 1 Code
Barry Sanders (RB) - Gold
Colin Kaepernick (QB) – Silver
Steve Smith (WR) - Silver
Promo Pack 5 – 1 Code
Ronnie Lott (S) - Gold
Phillip Rivers (QB) – Silver
AJ Green (WR) - Silver
Promo Pack 6 – 1 Code
Jerry Rice (WR) – Gold
Matthew Stafford (QB) – Silver
Troy Polamalu (S) – Silver
Promo Pack 7 – 1 Code
Deion Sanders (CB) – Gold
Michael Crabtree (WR) – Silver
Cris Carter (WR) – Silver
Ryan Tannehill (QB) – Silver
Trent Richardson (RB) – Silver
Good luck and remember to check back all day tomorrow for codes.

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