Mad Catz starts taking steroids... and makes some MLB branded controllers

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I want the BALCO version myself. I heard it will be coated with the Creme and there's a secret compartment where you can store your Clear. The Jose Canseco one will have a black finish with a big number 33 on top and it will inject you while you are playing. Then the controller will stop working in all games after a few months and be forced to write a book telling all the dirty secrets of video gaming.

But seriously, Mad Catz will be releasing some Major League Baseball branded controllers for the PS2 and Xbox, just like the ones they did for basketball and football. They should be out this summer.
Mad Catz signs deal to make video game controllers for Major League Baseball

SAN DIEGO (CP) - Video game accessories company Mad Catz Interactive Inc. has signed a deal with Major League Baseball to produce customized team controllers for PlayStation2 and Xbox gaming systems, the company announced Wednesday.

Mad Catz, a Canadian-American company which is based in San Diego but has a listing on the TSX Venture Exchange, said its licensing agreement with baseball will see it produce unique controllers for each of the league's 30 teams.

They will feature replicas of each team's colours and logos, rubber grips and an analogue joystick.

The company recently announced similar licensing agreements with the National Football League and the National Basketball Association. Mad Catz' MLB controllers are expected to be available this summer at a suggested retail price of $29.99 US.

Besides its U.S. operations, Mad Catz has offices in Canada, the U.K. and Asia, as well as distributors in Europe and Australia.

In trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday, Mad Catz shares (TSXV:MCZ) gained seven cents to $2.12 Cdn.

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