Mad Catz shows their WWE offerings

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Mad Catz announced a while ago that they were going to team up with THQ to promote the upcoming WWE All Stars with a new line of both controllers and arcade joysticks. Their product offerings were revealed last week following their presentation at THQ’s Gamer Days in New York. Mad Catz’s offerings are coming in two flavors: the BrawlStick and the BrawlPad.

The Mad Catz BrawlStick is a full arcade style joystick which will retail for $79.99. The BrawlPad on the other hand will be a standard, handheld controller featuring a floating directional pad and an arcade style six-button layout for $39.99. Each controller features exaggerated depictions of both the Rock and Triple H, reminiscent of their appearance in the game.

The controllers are scheduled alongside the game at the end of March. The price points for both is set pretty well, particularly for the BrawlStick; with the influx of fighting games hitting over the next couple of months, this may be the stick that I finally pick up for my PlayStation 3.

Source: Destructoid

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