Mac users can finally see what all the fuss is about in SimCity

by: Randy -
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Mac users can get in on all the SimCity shenanigans on August 29. While that puts it six months behind the Windows-based launch back on March 5, that's a fairly rapid transition to Mac, all things considered. The shared regions are cross-platform compatible, too, so players on PCs and Macs can stop at each others Nissan Leaf charging stations (shameless plug, literally), gaze in wonder at why their buddy bought $9 DLC balloons, or see a frightening amount of precious real estate taken up by a $10 amusement park pack--which is not to be confused with the video below depicting a school bus going on the world's scariest field trip over one gamer's insane, noodle-like bridge system.

But, on a good-guy note, buying either the PC or Mac version gives you automatic access to the other. So if you've already bought SimCity on PC, then you'll already own it on Mac come August 29. The Mac SimCity will be available exclusively for download on EA's Origin Store.
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