MW3 behind-the-scenes multiplayer video

by: Nathaniel -
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Modern Warfare 3 online is a juggernaut.  Do you know how I know that despite not playing Modern Warfare 3 online?  It's because game's don't generally get behind-the-scenes videos so long after they have came out unless their fan-base is truly immense and incredibly hungry for any little tidbit of content that exists.  This particular video is about Content Collection 1 which is the biggest content pack in history

Along with the video, we also got a couple of new screenshots for you.

Content Collection 1 will be available on March 20 and contains four multiplayer/Survival Mode Maps along with two Special Ops Missions.

Call of Duty Elite for Xbox 360 members take note; your special status grants you access to Content Collection 1 tomorrow (March 13).

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