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MS teases E3 info to Xbox Live members

by: Dan -
More On: Xbox Live Kinect Halo: Reach
In a move that would probably make Jerry Seinfeld smile, Microsoft sent an e-mail to Xbox Live members yesterday teasing their upcoming E3 announcements, but really it was an e-mail about nothing. As expected, it promises updates on Project Natal, Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3 and future Xbox Live enhancements. Of course, it also teases a "few surprises".  Probably the best piece of info was the links to the four practical ways Microsoft is sending out E3 info to the fans:

Daily e-mail Updates (Update your profile settings at Xbox.com)
Facebook updates for fans
Mobile (Text "E3" to 30360*)
@majornelson on Twitter

More than likely Chuck or John will have some sort of article on E3 sometime next week (hint, hint) that may touch on Microsoft products.