MLG isn’t going away any time soon

by: Jeremy -
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Major League Gaming has been alive and well for eight years now, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. MLG recently announced that they have received yet another boost in their funding which will keep the league up and going for the thousands of fans and participants.

The latest funding investment stems from Legion Enterprises and adds a cool $10-million to the league’s funds. Year after years, MLG continues to grow and spread its reach further across the world of competitive gaming. The weekend events that are operated under the Pro Circuit of the Leuage continue to pull impressive attendance numbers and have shown steady growth over the life of the company. Competative gaming, at a professional level was once something that many thought would fizzle and die due to lack of interest has actually grown and cemented itself as a part of the modern gaming culture. Year by year and event by event, the impact of MLG continues to grow and spread and looks to do the same in the future...

Source: Industry Gamers

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