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GamingNexus had the opportunity to participate in an online call with Erick Boenisch (Lead Features Designer) and Jonathan Rivera (Gameplay Producer) of MLB 2K9. The call lasts about 37 minutes, but contains lots of great info on the game and what went into making this version. Listening to the questions and answers in the interview, it really sounds like MLB 2K9 will be more realistic than previous versions with even more emphasis on the smallest of details to make you feel like you are actually at a baseball game. MLB 2K9 will be out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PSP, PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii and will ship on March 3rd.

The following questions were submitted by GamingNexus and answered during the interview at the time stamp at the end of the question:

1. With each new version of the game, is there designated percentage goal or target for improving the in-game graphics or animations? (10:50)
2. Why did 2K Sports decide to bring MLB 2K9 to the PC with this year's version? (11:28)
3. Are there unique features to the PC that aren't on the consoles? (11:58)
4. Will we ever see the umpires, coaches or managers get injected with Signature Style? (12:40)

As always, a special thanks to Chase at Access Communications for putting this call together like he has done with many other 2K Sports titles.
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