MAG servers go kablooey

by: John -
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As VP of Game Server Technology, we think the load on the servers for MAG when we decided to issue all these new beta keys and produce a 3GB download of a patch to all the current users should be enough as we have plenty of machines to handle it all. You guys should be able to play the beta without any issues and having 256 of your closest friends duking it out will be the sweetest experience ever.

*server dies from the load*

What? You mean the servers can't handle all the traffic? You mean that some folks have to restart the download of 3GBs if the connection is lost? Without the patch and the new people we can't be capturing objectives, driving sweet sweet vehicles and gunning down people around the world. Com'on?!

*patch download status stops*


*patch download reset to 0% completed*


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