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For the 3 and a half of you out there wondering where Lydia has been all this time, fear not, I'm here. I will say nothing of my trials as they are extremely classified, but know this: Geek Squad, and Tech Support in general, will go to the ends of the earth for you if you give them cookies.  Actual cookies made with flour, not cookies as a metaphor for...other stuff.

To business!

Dr. Husemann will be tickled: Victoria-Revolutions, expansion to the earlier release Victoria-An Empire Under the Sun  has been released on Gamer's Gate and is retailing for $9.99 dollars/euros. The British empire was the most awesome empire that ever was, and now you can experience the greatness as well. Lead countries, such as Austria! Impose taxes! Amend the Constitution! Take over Sweden!
Revel in the greatness that is this screenshot.

I've always thought there needed to be more ladies in professional gaming. VIA thinks so too, so much so that they're going to fly one to Sweden to meet with girlz 0f destruction and learn more about being a professional gamer.  girlz 0f destruction, a team of 7 women who are damn good at QUAKE 4, will teach the lucky winner tricks of the trade in the "Home of Chrome" for one weekend. The Home of Chrome is outfitted with ridiculously fast broadband and lots and lots of other technical goodies. So nominate your favorite lady gamer today!

That's all for now. More later!

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