Lunia gets an extensive update with Myth 4

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Lunia,’s anime-esque MMORPG, is getting an update that I’m told will bring “an entirely new dynamic to this game” (Calvin Yang, VP of Marketing at NHN USA).

The Myth 4 upgrade is boosting the online RPG game with new classes, enemies, market system, weaponry, and even dark voids and other map additions.

Read on for the full details, or check out their site for the full info on the updates.

IRVINE, CALIF. - Feb.16, 2010 - It's not a myth - the fact is is launching never-before-seen content in the popular anime-influenced massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG), Lunia. For avid players and curious gamers, presents "Myth 4," an expansive update that includes vicious bosses with nothing to lose, a stress-free market system, fresh new character abilities, mind-blowing weapon upgrades and occult dangers lurking behind every corner.

"Lunia is a wildly popular online game, as it appeals to the RPG community and anime fans alike," said Calvin Yang, vice president of marketing, NHN USA, which hosts "This exciting new upgrade will satiate both groups, and maybe more across the online gaming spectrum as well, bringing an entirely new dynamic to this game with intense challenges, bountiful rewards and improved logistics. Existing players have new reasons to dive into Lunia, and new players to take a second look."

Lunia's long-awaited upgrade offers gamers a vibrant and stimulating alternative to other MMORPGs on the market. In addition to increasing in-game rewards, the Myth 4 upgrade includes:

* A wider array in classes, additional characteristics and sizes of bosses and monsters, and challenging close-attack characters - further aiding fast-paced gameplay
* Surprises lurking in dark corners as hidden bosses emerge to seek the complete annihilation of player's bright-eyed, yet feisty characters
* Hidden black holes that engulf unsuspecting player, stripping them of their mana - a blow difficult to overcome
* An improved and simplified market system where players can avoid the hassle and stress often associated with stocking up on supplies and novelty items in Town Square
* The addition of new, upgraded weaponry for characters to bash and slash adversaries like never before

The story of Lunia revolves around an intricate plot of mystical characters and fantasy settings. The game possesses a unique anime-influence - with cell shading, in the style of Japanese Manga comics. Players battle monsters and each other over the course of multiple, increasingly difficult episodes, making their way through winding storyline of this mystical tale.
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