LucasArts, the consummate tease, is doing it again

by: Nathaniel -
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I'm not sure there is a videogame company on Earth with more beloved-yet-dormant franchises than LucasArts.  From Star Wars to The Secret of Monkey Island - all it takes is the slightest hint that one or the other might see a new game to get gamers everywhere frothing at the mouth.  For me personally, it's Knights of the Old Republic and Republic Commando that get my shorts burning at merest hint that there might be news regarding the futures of those franchises.

And let me tell you, as of right now, I'm dialing 911 to report a shorts inferno.  According to, Spike TV sent out a press release stating that LucasArts is gearing up for a new franchise that will be previewed on May 31 at a pre-E3 event, with the title being officially announced during E3 itself.

Now, if I recall, they've done this "big announcement" dance before only to leave us all with blue **** when the big announcement turns out to be the release of their back catalogue on Steam or something equally underwhelming.

Obviously, Gaming Nexus will keep you posted as events develop.  
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