LucasArts officially cuts down their work force

by: John -
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LucasArts just took their lightsaber and mowed down their internal staff as confirmed by Industry Gamers. LucasArts didn't say how much they removed, but it's been rumored that 30% is the number that has been let go. Soon to be released Force Unleashed II's executive producer, Haden Blackman resigned from the company a few months ago.

Now, we'll have to see where they go from here. I'd love for the company to rein in development and put out some new titles in some old series and concentrate on those that made them such a force in the gaming industry a while ago. Most notably, another X-Wing or Tie Fighter title would be great in my view.

I hope those that were affected by the layoffs quickly find new opportunities as I never like to see ones lose a job having been in that position a few times as a developer in my time.
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