LucasArts new Star Wars game is Star Wars 1313

by: John -
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LucasArts is showing off a new Star Wars game at E3 and you can be pretty sure it is this: GameTrailers TV debuted the info on Star Wars 131, where you play a bounty hunter on planet Coruscant. No, they didn't say which bounty hunter, but maybe it'll be one of the famous ones from Star Wars lore. It's a third person action game and that's about the extent of the info you're going to get for now.

Some of the technology done in movies like the Avengers are being usd in the game itself. They're capturing both the face and body movements and you can see it more in how the eyes move around.

I guess the mystery on what we're going to see at LucasArts' booth this year is no longer am mystery. Yeah, it's been a while since we had an appointment with them at the show, but it's great to be able to go back and check out the latest Star Wars game. 

You can see more on the game at GameTrailers TV.

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