LucasArts is no more

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In an email to Game Informer, Disney has announced they are shutting down LucasArts. I can't help but be really sad about this bit of news. Even though I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, they made so many great games that aren't even Star Wars related.

LucasArts was such a great studio early on, but the past few years hasn't been kind to them. I don't know many that enjoyed the Star Wars Kinect game, but they seemed to have a little buzz about them when they showed of Star Wars 1313 last year at E3. Chuck and I thought the game was a glorified tech demo, but we were intrigued to learn more about it.

Sadly, all of the projects are now canceled except there might be some hope for Star Wars 1313. It won't be made internally however, as Disney is going to wards a licensing model. Who would get the license now is the big question as I'm sure there are a few big players salivating over the thought of owning the license and putting out games in that universe, especially with the new movie coming out.

I hope the folks that were let go today find something soon. Actually, I'm rather tired of saying that today. I would rather not have to say that at all and just have everyone continue working on games. But, I do wish the best of luck to those affected.

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