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Back in 2005 when the Xbox 360 started rolling off the production line (and shipping to Lubbock in coffins), there was a team of Microsoft employees whose job it was to do nothing but support the community. This arguably led to just as much of the success of the Xbox 360 console as beating Nintendo and Sony out of the gate by a full year for the current generation of consoles.

As part of this community support effort, Microsoft had a Community Developer Program that worked with select sites to utilize certain Xbox Live information to help create useful and cool tools. One of the first sites to jump on board and churn out one of the best pieces were the folks at MyGamerCard.net. Morgan (site owner and developer) was one of the first to create a community based gamer card that you could put on your own web page, forum post or wherever the code could be accepted.

Unfortunately, after a more than five year run, Morgan has had to take the site and access to site generated gamer cards down due primarily to it not being a financially sustainable business model for him. There is a lot more to the story as to why we are losing this valuable community asset and some of the issues MyGamerCard.net has faced in recent years, but this can be found in Morgan’s farewell post on the main page. Please take the time to give it a read, as it does outline one major issue concerning Microsoft’s shift in community support over the last three to four years and how it has impacted the communities.

As for Morgan and MyGamerCard.net, we sincerely appreciate all you have done for the Xbox community the last five+ years.

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