Lord of the Rings Online Update 2: Echoes of the Dead now Live

by: Shawn Sines -
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Fans of Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online can rejoice! As planned Update 2: "Echoes of the Dead" is now live on all game servers. This latest update includes new free content as well as an expansion to the game's epic storyline.

Book III Volume 3 - "Echoes of the Dead" wraps up the "Ride of the Grey Company" storyline of the previous update and brings the rangers to investigate the Paths of the Dead and the library of Zudrugund on their way south. The new content includes five new multiplayer instances, an updated spring festival and three new Moria based skirmishes.

Along with the content, Update 2 includes some UI tweaks, new legendary items and changes to the game's PvP Monster Play  mode.

You can find out more at the lotro wiki.
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