Loot galore in the latest dev diary for Darkspore

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Are you still unsure of what to expect from Darkspore?  If so, this video will either make it or break it for you.  Watch as the Gameplay Engineer and Systems Designer on the project explain the loot system for the game.  It's actually more involved than I had previously expected.  There are the common, uncommon, rare and epic items but they perform better when paired with the right character.

Additionally, there is a wager system in which you'll put your earnings on the line for bigger and better rewards.  This is in addition to the DNA currency that sounds like the money used for upgrades.  It sounds like a game that's right up my alley.  Are you interested?  Darkspore will be released early next year on PC (although it looks like it would work well on console).

New Video Features Insider Insights on In-Game Collectibles

Maxis is bringing the new sci-fi action RPG Darkspore to PCs everywhere in early 2011, and today they are debuting a new Producer Diary video that explains how loot works in the game!

The second in a series, this new video discusses the many different types of loot you can collect, as well as the way you can collect it. Gameplay Engineer Casey Weaver and Systems Designer Paul Sottosanti explain everything from health and power replenishing, common items, uncommon items, rare items, epics and obelisks – it’s all laid out on the table! In addition, Darkspore’s unique “cashout” system for completing planets is also described in full, so future players will know exactly how to gamble their earnings for a chance at bigger and better rewards.

We invite you to share this new Darkspore Producer Diary with your readers today! Let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist with your coverage. Cheers!
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