Looking for a new arcade cabinet? Got around $2,600?

by: Russell -
More On: Dreamcade Vision 32
Dream Cade has recently released their newest creation: The Dreamcade Vision 32.  This large upright cabinet sports a 32 inch LCD monitor, over 200 games (and you can add your own), and a built-in MP3 music jukebox.  The cabinet includes games such as Crystal Castles, Pac-Man, and many other arcade classics, plus you can purchases other game packs such as a Castlevania/Contra pack, Light Gun Pack, House of the Dead III, and others.  The cabinet itself has a base price of $3,100, but through tomorrow you can get it for $2,599, and the other add-ons and packs are also on sale.  I really wish I ahd $3,000 to play around with.  I could really go to town with this.
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