London 2012 does the Olympics for real this time

by: Sean Colleli -
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While they've been tossing Mario, Sonic and their respective sidekicks into the Olympics for a few years now, Sega is apparently doing the real thing this time with London 2012. The official game for the winter events this year, the title is set for a June 26th release date and as you'd expect, it supports Kinect on 360 so you and your family can humiliate yourselves in events from all over the 2012 winter games.

London 2012 is probably being developed so other platforms besides Nintendo can have an Olympics videogame, but personally I'm happy to see the switch. I've never understood why the Mario and Sonic Olympics games happened in the first place, or why they made so much damn money. The Olympics is an exceedingly strange format for a mascot teamup game. Sega should keep this policy going forward: make an official, mascot-free Olympics game on its own, stop teasing us retro fans and put Mario and Sonic where we really want them: in an adventure-platformer crossover to define the ages.

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