Lollipop Chainsaw exemplifies love in this valentine's trailer

by: Sean Colleli -
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Ever since Lollipop Chainsaw was announced, I've been highly skeptical. I love Suda 51's work but this seemed just a little too exploitative and, well, obvious. Then I saw this trailer, where it is revealed that protagonist Juliet decapitated her boyfriend Nick to save him from a zombie infection, and carries his disembodied talking cranium around on her belt. Now THERE'S the classic Suda 51 insanity I was looking for!

And in terms of Suda 51, his games really don't get any more romantic and Valentine's Day-ey than this. That said, I'm....hesitant to show this trailer to my girlfriend. We play an awful lot of Left 4 Dead, and who knows what she might start thinking when she's packing that chainsaw....

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