Logitech's latest keyboard harnesses the power of the sun!

by: John -
More On: Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
Light and computer developers don't mix. Or, maybe it's just in my circle of friends as where we worked, we loved having the lights off. Logitech wants you to turn on the lights though as they've developed a keyboard that can charge itself with just light.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 has solar cells on the top that take sunlight, convert it to energy, and recharge the batteries in the the keyboard. The K750 can run for up to three months before needing a recharge so for those living in areas of Alaska where sunlight disappears for a few months, you're covered.

It's wireless so if you need to move it around or take it to an area with more sunlight to recharge, you can easily do so. The concept's rather interesting and even though it's a keyboard that's getting solar recharging capabilities, it's a start.

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