Logitech reveals the Wireless Guitar for the Xbox 360

by: John -
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When Logitech first came out with their Wireless Guitar Controller it was just for the PlayStation 3. I know a lot of Xbox 360 owners were disappointed but fear not as today the 360 has been announced on Logitech's blog. I had the pleasure of trying the controller out at E3 2009 and it was a very solid feeling controller as it should be because of what it is made from. It felt like a real guitar and not some plasticy kid's toy. I played one song on Guitar Hero World Tour to test out how well it responded and how the slider bar worked. Everything was really good except the slider bar seemed to register the wrong notes sometimes. An example would be I would be down on the slider bar with my finger there and once in a while it would register a note on the opposite end even though I didn't move my finger. But, this was a pre-release unit and just there for show so I'm sure Logitech's got it all worked out. Besides, I don't think you'd use the slider bar if you went for total accuracy. The controller will work with most of the music games on the 360. It was pretty awesome to hold and use so 360 owners, rejoice in knowing you can pick one up soon with a release date coming. Watch the video to get an overview of the controller.

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