Logitech gives you wireless headset for your console, TV, or mp3 player with the F540

by: John -
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So, I'm a fan of Logitech's line of wireless gaming headsets. I recently reviewed the G930, which takes their previous G35 headset and makes it wireless. Now, Logitech's giving you a similar design and turned it into a wireless solution for your console or TV.

The Logitech F540 is a wireless headset in the same style as the G930 and offers up 3 analog connections in a wireless box that transmits the sound to the headphones. All the controls are on one ear piece so you don't have to get out of your seat to change anything. It can last up to 10 hours and you can use the base station to recharge or recharge and listen if you are low on power and want to continue going.

Check out the video from Logitech that explains the setup. It should be out next month for around $149.99.

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