Logitech gives Apple gamers a helping hand with the PowerShell

by: John -
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If you're one of those folks who enjoy playing games on your iPhone or or 5th generation iPod Touch, Logitech's got something that can make the experience a whole lot better.

Check out their PowerShell Controller + Battery, which gives you a D-Pad, four front facing buttons, and shoulder triggers. Your iPhone or iPod sits in the middle and it can recharge as well with an included 1500mAh battery that can double your phone's battery life expectancy. 

Cut outs are there so you can easily access your volume buttons and a window for your camera on the back. There's even a headphone jack so you can plug in your ear buds to game without disturbing others around you.

Logitech has a list of games that are currently compatible with it right now, and more are sure to follow. It will retail for $100 and you can pre-order it right now.

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