LittleBigPlanet's Z-Axis controls annoys Media Molecule co-founder at times, might be fixed later

by: John -
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We all know how LittleBigPlanet's been delayed a few times and that's natural on the course of creating a very ambitious game. Another little annoyance will ship with the game and might be fixed later rather then delaying the release. Speaking with Eurogamer TV, Mark Healey of Media Molecule found the Z-Axis control for the game can get annoying at times but thinks they have a good compromise right now. They can fix it later on if they wish via a DLC as well as offer other improvements on down the line. October 24th is the release date so it won't be long before everyone else can get to play it and see if this aspect annoys them too but I'm sure the game will be fun enough to bypass the issue if there is one.
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