LittleBigPlanet DLC starting up, both pay and free

by: John -
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You didn't think Sony would let such an opportunity as charging for costumes in LittleBigPlanet pass them by did you? Well, then here are some details on what you can have soon for a little green. While there are going to be two costumes for SackBoy for free, they have three other categories for you to purchase from. Regular ones cost $0.99 giving you a brand spanking new look to the guy. Premium costumes cost $1.99 and initially it looks like they are costumes based off of other Sony products. Finally, rare costumes which are time based and maybe quantity based will be available but no dollar amount has been attached to those yet as they can fluctuate. Bundles are also offered saving you a little bit of money in case you want them all. Personally, these types of DLC aren't my bag but would you spend some money just to change the way SackBoy looks?
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