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Eric Levine, SCEA PR Manager, posted over at the Official Sony PlayStation Blog a whole truck load of news for LittleBigPlanet 2. The first thing that was finally answered was that the Demo will now be available on 12/21, which was originally announced on 8/24. Just in time to play over the Holiday break when if you didn’t get those gifts you were craving.  According to Levine, the demo will be from the story mode and feature the “new gameplay mechanics – including CREATE! Swing from different objects with the Grapple Hook, rescue helpless Sackbots, and experience the chaotic multiplayer fun that blows up when the competitive scoring mode is coupled with Sackboys and Sackgirls armed with the new Creatinator! “

He also mentioned that a new round of beta invites will be heading out in early December to PlayStation Plus members, as well as early access (and FREE access) to the Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves before it hits PSN for $5.99 on 12/14.

Wait, what’s this? A new Sackboy game? Yup, that was the biggest thing announced, as Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves will be a spin-off that arrives before LPB 2 and will feature 10 levels and a Dinosaur inspired theme. It is a standalone multiplayer-only co-op title, so no LBP or LBP 2 are needed, but you are forced to use a PlayStation Move setup (controller plus Eye) and a second player must have a DualShock. The person sporting the Move controller will be running the show. Check out the screens below and let us know what you think with the pricing and control limitations.

Levine also summarized everything into a nice tidy list:
  • Early December—A new batch of beta trial invites will be sent out to PlayStation Plus members and more! (exact date tbd)
  • December 7—PlayStation Plus subscribers and a big bunch of LBP supporters will get Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves for free!
  • December 14—Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves will be available on the PlayStation Store for $5.99!
  • December 21—LittleBigPlanet 2 demo will be available to everyone!

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