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Chuck's going to have a write up from the conference call but the news is out on Pandemic's latest. Saboteur due out for the next-gen consoles is a stealth-action thriller based on a true story. Set in France during World War II, you're out to kill the Nazis responsible for your friends' murders. The hook is any weapon, costume, or item can be used including vehicles. Yes, it's another WWII game but Pandemic's got some little wrinkles in there that might make this a big hit of 2008.
Revenge is Sweet in Pandemics New Stealth Action Thriller ''SaboteurTM''

''Saboteur'' Delivers Cinematic Adventure in an Open World, Stealth-Action Package for Next Generation Consoles in 2008

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pandemic Studios today announced the unveiling of their new stealth-action thriller, Saboteur ( Set against the dramatic backdrop of occupied France and based on a true story, Saboteur is the personal tale of one mans fight to find and kill the Nazi thugs who murdered his friends. Saboteurs open world environment and stealth-action gameplay are specifically designed to take full advantage of next-generation console technology.

While one of the great conflicts of human history is being played out all around us, ultimately were not really concerned with winning the war because we know how that turns out, says Saboteur producer Phil Hong. Were interested in telling the story of one mans personal battle.

In Saboteur, players take on the Third Reich in a fully interactive, open world with both story-driven missions and side quests using an arsenal of weapons and abilities that allow quiet movement and lethal efficiency. Any weapon, costume, or item can be manipulated including military and civilian vehicles. Players can also scale buildings and move unseen across rooftops, or eliminate guards with a range of authentic weapons (or sometimes with bare hands).

One of the games most unique aspects is the introduction of the revolutionary Will to Fight. Areas under strict Nazi oppression appear in stark black and white noir style. Here players must behave cautiously to avoid suspicion. Successful acts of sabotage, however, light the same areas with bright, vibrant color, encouraging citizens to act defiantly. By indicating progress with real-time environmental changes, Will to Fight offers players a dynamic measure of personal accomplishment.

Visit for the latest straight from the Pandemic development team. Saboteur will be available for next generation consoles in 2008.

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