Like lambs, make that horses, to the slaughter

by: Jeremy -
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After a brief delay in Apple’s approval process due to a miscommunication issue, 4th and Battery’s Unpleasant Horse has finally been released on the iTunes App Store. The title marks the first release of Popcap’s new subdivision which is focused on more “experimental” games.

The game is a lot simpler than Popcap’s usual offerings. Players are charged with moving their dark horses from cloud to cloud in the air. Along the way, players can leap onto birds which will award them with a feather, allowing them to perform a second jump in mid-flight. These feathers can be stock piled in order to cross larger gaps, reaching further clouds. Players will also encounter white horses flying through the air which they are charged with tackling and dragging down into a sea of buzz-saws below; just make sure that you leap back up to the safety of the clouds before you succumbs to the spinning blades yourself.

The game is free and said to be a lot of fun and one that satisfies those “quick fix” gaming urges. Check it out if you get the chance... 

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