Like a phoenix, Circuit City rises from the ashes...

by: Dan -
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After closing its doors amid bankruptcy earlier this year, most assumed that the Circuit City brand was a goner. Well, apparently Systemax Inc jumped in and bought the brand name and the website on May 13th and are open for business again as an online only company. Systemax owns not only the SystemaxPC brand, but also, and CompUSA (who was rescued in much the same way as CC). So the parent company is reputable and should be familiar to PC gamers and enthusiasts.

Video gaming will still have a prominent place at the company, as it falls under one of their six main shopping categories on the website. Also promised will be lower prices, a wider selection, faster shipping and 24/7 service. All things that can usually be accomplished as an online entity instead of a traditional brick and mortar store. I did a quick run through of some of the TVs and gaming gear and I didn't see anything that was earth shattering from a pricing standpoint, as most pricing was in line with Best Buy. However, as the company gets its feet wet I imagine they will follow similar structure to its cousins at CompUSA and Tiger Direct on pricing, specials and so forth.

As part of the deal, anyone that was on the Circuit City mailing list before is now on the mailing list of the new company.  Check out the initial e-mail sent to previous Circuit City e-mail subscribers announcing the relaunch, which you can also see here at the Circuit City website.
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