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Wow this week sure flew by fast. Thankfully we have the weekend to play a little bit of catchup. Plenty of stuff happened this week, let's go over some of the most important stories, in no particular order

  • Activision announces that it has tapped Infinity Ward to develop Call of Duty 2. No official annoucement has been made, but we're assuming that the title is in development for the next generation to take advantage of the latest hardware. The fall 2005 release date also lends credence to this as it would make a killing as a Xenon launch title

  • Microsoft released its Content Commitment press release which announced all of the developers that are onboard to create content for the Xenon. All of the industry's biggest hitters appear on the list with the notable exception of Square-Enix. Microsoft has newfound commitment to the Japanese audience, with the signings of Okamoto, Sakaguchi and Mizuguchi, so it would make sense to get in bed with one of Japan's premiere publishers. Who knows, maybe something's in the works. We'll find out soon.

  • Sony undercut Microsoft and Nintendo by moving its pre-E3 press conference to Monday at 3pm in Culver City. Traditionally, Sony had held its conference on Tuesday morning on Beaudry street in downtown Los Angeles. There's some buzz surrounding this conference because much of the industry is expected it to be the reveal of the PS3.

  • EuroGamer ran a piece that confirmed the development of the official

    Half-Life 2 expansion pack. Titled Aftermath, the game will expand upon the adventure by exploring the past of the Citadel and the Combine.

  • Unreal Championship 2 has gone gold for the Xbox. This shooter takes place in the Unreal universe but is played from the 3rd person perspective. Xbox Live will flesh out what could be one of the best online shooters available for the Xbox.

  • Activision confirmed to IGN that Activision is currently developing the next iteration in the Quake, THUG and Spider-Man franchises for the Xenon. If this is true, Activision will be having one hell of a showing at this year's E3

  • OurColony.net launched on the internet, a viral marketing campaign in the same style as ILoveBees.com. It's been a juggernaut, sending the Microsoft fanboys ablaze by revealing the first images of the Xenon controller.

  • Vis Entertainment, the maker of State of Emergency, has filed for bankruptcy. It was previously trying to shop around State of Emergency 2 but it was in vain.

  • So it turns out that Sony was a little overzealous in its goal to sell all 1 million PSP units in the first week of sales. But hey, 600,000 sales isn't too shabby either. Consider this, the Nintendo DS sold 500,000 units in the first week, during the Christmas sale season. Sony's figures are much more impressive especially since March is traditionally a dead time in the gaming calendar. Gotta hand it to Sony for bucking another trend, let's hope that more good games come out for the system soon.
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