Let’s not get too excited: Capcom registers new Darkstalkers trademark

by: Jeremy -
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Ok... let’s take a second and breathe... let’s not get too excited... yet.

Capcom has registered a new trademark for “Darkstalkers” in Japan. Now, on one hand this could simply be a “re-upping” of their hold on the term to protect their existing products in the long-running series. Then again, on the other hand, this could be the beginning of a rebirth of the series and the first tell-tale sign that A NEW DARKSTALKERS IS ON THE WAY!

Sorry, I just couldn’t hold back my excitement any more.

Fans of Capcom’s horror-themed fighting franchise have been clamoring for years for information and approval of a new installment. Even Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has been extremely vocal about his desire to craft an new game in the series. Perhaps this is indication that Capcom is finally going to give Ono and fans what they want: a new Darkstalkers game. Let’s hope so... 

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