Let the barrage of plastic accessories begin!

by: Jeremy -
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Oh, I hope that you didn’t think that the release of the PlayStation Move would slip past accessory makers unnoticed. Just like the Wii, Sony is on its way to having a ridiculous arsenal of ludicrous plastic accessories to accompany the Move, just like the Wiimote. I have to admit though, this one in particular looks pretty cool.

A company by the name of Icon has released a PS3 Move Battle Rifle through Amazon.com. I don’t think that we have seen anything this “exotic” on the Wii (yet). I would imagine that this is meant to be used with the Move support on games such as MAG and Time Crisis. At least it has the neon orange safety tip to keep it from looking “totally” real. The plastic casing for your Move controller will set you back $29.99; let’s hope that it has the recoil ability many children’s toy guns have... though I would imagine that would get annoying after a while.

Source: Ripten
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