Let Pikachu show you how to type

by: Jeremy -
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One of the titles that Nintendo revealed at their press conference earlier this week, for the Nintendo DS is entitled Pokemon Typing DS. The title is meant to serve as a typing tutor for players. The game was developed by Genius Sonority. Even though the game was only announced for Japan, and considering how big the Pokemon franchise is worldwide, I would imagine that Nintendo will likely be releasing this in other regions as well.

The game involves the player roaming through various environments and facing off against random Pokemon in typing battles. The assortment of Pokemon in the game ranges from the original, classic characters to Pokemon from the new generation of the IP. As you can see in the screenshots shown below, input can be entered on the touch screen of the Nintendo DS. If you don’t want to use the stylus and touch screen, Nintendo will also be releasing the “Nintendo Wireless Keyboard”, which will be packaged with the game.

Source: Andriasang 

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