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Old school gamers will certainly remember the classic game Lemmings. The game had you directing a heard of mindless little guys with green hair from one side of the map to another. It sounds easy enough but you had to prevent them from falling into lava, off high cliffs, and other various environmental hazards. Well good news for gamers as iFone will be bringing the game to US mobile phones with Java support in August.


Manchester, UK. 10th May 2005 – iFone, the leading global wireless entertainment publisher, today announced that the addictively playable Lemmings game will be launched for wireless devices in the US from August 2005. The classic console franchise has been optimised for mobile phones with excellent graphics and 28 engaging levels for consumers to work through and will be available on all popular Java-enabled handsets.

Originally selling over 10 million copies since its introduction in the 1990s, Lemmings is one of the world’s most successful console games. The memorable Lemmings characters of the game are small, green-haired beings that mindlessly walk en masse into any danger in their path. The Lemmings game, with its mass market appeal, will complement iFone’s portfolio of mass market best sellers such as Monopoly and Clue. The original console version of Lemmings game broke new ground in gameplay, winning multiple maximum review scores in games magazines and iFone promises to continue this pedigree with the wireless version.

Morgan O’Rahilly, CEO of iFone, commented, “The Lemmings franchise has been one of the most successful franchises in the world. This game translates extremely well to mobile phones and we’re extremely pleased to be bringing the ultimate in playability to the consumer. We feel that Lemmings will be a huge success in the US and will match the popularity of our Monopoly game.”

iFone’s expertise in developing mass market appeal games is demonstrated in the phenomenal success of Monopoly in the US and across Europe. This success underlines iFone’s excellent reputation for publishing blockbuster games to the mobile phone environment.

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