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Lego Universe appeals to its base

by: Ben Berry -
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I recieved word a couple of days ago that my Lego Universe beta invite was forthcoming, and though the closed beta is under media release embargo; at least I'll be able to start playing and forming my opinion on the game. I won't be able to share anything about what I see, but I will try to share my character name, so if anyone else is playing we can try and find each other in the game.

In a fun coincidence, I got my Lego Club magazine today, and there was an exclusive Lego Universe comic that came with it. On the back cover is a pre-order offer where you can get mini-fig and some in game accessories for ordering during the pre-order period. I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced, and seeing the special order comes out means they're getting close to ready.

The date the pre-order will be available is May 14th, and you can get it by clicking here. At some point the embargo will lift and I'll be able to share my impressions of the game.