Lefties rejoice as the DeathAdder is here for your gaming pleasure

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Many mice that we review here are only designed for right handed folks. That's a shame as there are plenty of left handed people that game as well. Don't worry though cause Razer has your back with their brand new Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition.

The mouse has a 3.5G (or 3500dpi) infrared sensor and contains five programmable buttons. It's also got some Teflon feet for easy gliding and a gold-plated USB connector. It's a Razer mouse so you know you're going to get some good gaming performance out of it. The mouse can be had for $59.99.

Razer Releases The First Gaming Grade Mouse Specifically For Left-Handers
Tuesday, 16 March 2010



Carlsbad, Calif. – March 16, 2010 - Razer, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle peripherals, today announced the Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition™, the very first gaming mouse designed with the professional left-handed gamer in mind. The Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition was created to meet community demands for a mouse that was purposefully engineered to give lefties the competitive edge, combining a comfortable ergonomic form factor with a powerfully precise 3.5G infrared sensor.

“Leftie gamers have long been requesting that we develop a gaming grade mouse that is designed exclusively for the left-handed gaming community and we really value the feedback we receive from our fans,” said Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president, Razer USA. “Not many gamers know this, but I am a southpaw myself and feel truly excited to have a mouse that fits perfectly in my left hand. There is really no substitute for gaming with your naturally dominant hand.”

About The Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition
The Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition features a unique ergonomic form factor to give lefties a comfort they can call their own for extended gaming sessions. The Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition boasts five programmable Hypereponse™ buttons, as well as the trademark 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ technology, providing gamers with the speed necessary to make every moment count. Loaded with a 3500dpi Razer Precision™ 3.5G infrared sensor that offers over four times more precision than a standard 800dpi mouse, the Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition is fully equipped to frag, especially when you strike from the blind side.

Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition
COST: US $59.99; EU €59.99

Product Features:

o Ergonomic left-hand design
o 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor
o 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response
o Five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
o On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment
o Always-On™ mode
o Ultra-Large non-slip buttons
o 16-bit ultra-wide data path
o 60–120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
o Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon® feet
o Gold-Plated USB connector
o Seven-Foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable
o Approx. size in mm: 128(L) x 70(W) x 42.5(H)
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