Left platform blue... Hue Shift is like Twister, minus all the awkward family touching

by: Ben Berry -
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Twister is a fantastic game, so long as you're not playing with family. If i ever have to say "No uncle Frank, I will not put my right foot on blue while you're laying on it" one more time, I'm gonna cut myself.

Seriously though, Hue Shift is a browser based jumping game where you move from platform to platform. To make each jump you have to match your color to the color of the platform you're trying to land on. If you don't match the platform color, you fall through the platform. Like most other web based time wasters,  Hue Shift has the uncanny ability to suck out your life. The press release is after the jump. But I'll post the link to the site here.
We are proud to announce the latest game released under the Broken Radio Games label:
Hue Shift
Hue Shift is an addictive endless action platformer. You are controlling a pixel that can shift its hue to red, green and blue. Climb as high as you can by matching your color to the color of the platforms. Beware, only platforms with your color are solid!

Get into the flow of shifting colors, climb the ever changing tower and the global leaderboard!

- How high can you climb? Compare your score to your friends'.
- Pick up and play. Easy to grasp, hard to master.
- Endless Fun. Levels are randomly generated each time you play. If you fail: Just try again, maybe you get further up the tower next time.
You can play it right now: http://www.brokenradiogames.com/#BRG003
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