Learn to setup ski slopes in new Cities XL screenshots

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If you've ever wanted to own a ski resort of your own but lacked things like experience and millions of dollars of investment funds you might want to check out Cities XL as the game will feature a module that will allow you to run your own resort without having to move somewhere with mountains. As more details about Cities XL emerge the more I get interested in the game as I originally thought the game was going to be a straight rip off of the Sim City experience but instead it looks like they are adding a wide variety of things to do in the game.  For more info on the resort feature and what you'll be able to do it be sure to read the latest developer diary for the game.
Monte Cristo has today released new screenshots from their upcoming city builder game – CITIES XL™. These new screenshots focus on the ski resort GEM (Gameplay Extension Module), one of the many planned GEMs that will allow players to manage tycoon-styled businesses in-game. Along with the new screens, there’s a new blog post at www.citiesxl.com which offers more information on GEMs and how they will work in CITIES XL™.

CITIES XL™ allows gamers to develop cities on realistic 3D maps using an incredible collection of unique structures and monuments based on American, Asian and European-influenced architectural styles. The maps feature a variety of environments: mountains, hills, canyons, beaches and islands, all set in different climates from tropical to desert, Mediterranean to temperate. Players must create the right combinations of social services, leisure activities, special events and other job opportunities within their cities in order to feed, clothe, employ and entertain their citizens. Be it planning and building a new zoo, public park, residential neighborhood or transit system - there's always a fresh and exciting challenge for would-be city managers and mayors in CITIES XL™.

The game’s online features and services will allow players to create interconnected cities on virtual and persistent planets. Mayors can share and trade with one another, specialize their economy and team up with befriended cities to create sprawling metropolises. Life on the planet will be punctuated by events and competitions - a concert held in one town may, for example, be attended by visitors from other areas who can also enjoy a walk around the city to admire the urban creations of multiple players. By combining a fantastic single-player game with the social and multiplayer aspects of an MMO, CITIES XL™ will shape the future of the genre by offering more variety, bigger cities and multiple gameplay layers.
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