Leaked L.A. Noire trailer offers release date and main storyline

by: Dan -
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The folks over at Kotaku have gotten a hold of the L.A. Noire trailer that is supposed to go live on Monday, and it wraps up a few of the remaining surprises for the title. First, the game will hit on May 17th according to the end of the trailer, and the second surprise is that the main storyline looks to be focused on tracking down a serial killer. While there will be tons of side missions and crimes to solve, getting the guy killing the ladies looks to be your ultimate goal.

Also, the trailer (as long as it is still up at Kotaku) was comprised entirely from in-game footage as stated near the end, so what you see is what you will see once you start playing.  We will have the trailer up as soon as it comes through normal channels.
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