Lead designer of World of Warcraft leaves....to work on another Blizzard MMO

by: John -
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Let's all start guessing what the next MMO from Blizzard is going to be because the lead for World of Warcraft, Jeffery Kaplan, has left the WoW team to start working on it. It was inevitable that Blizzard would want to branch out to another MMO so this news should be welcomed by those looking for the next great thing from Blizzard. Now we got Starcraft II and Diablo III to tide us over for a while but what could the next MMO be? Could be set in one of those two universes? Could they do World of Warcraft II? As you know, Blizzard really only announces things when they have a lot to show so it might be a while before we hear another peep out of what they are working.

Thanks Kotaku.
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