Lazy Raiders hits XBLA

by: Marissa -
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Canadian indie game studio Sarbakan has launched Lazy Raiders, an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive. Sounds fun, eh?

If you've been regretting purchasing avatar clothing with real world money, you should continue to regret it. But you'll have another opportunity to show it off with this game, which offers full avatar integration and avatar awards.

You'll help Dr. Diggabone, a lazy treasure hunter (not a wise career path for the relaxation-inclined, if you ask me), find 16 Lost Relics. If you feel like it, you can rotate and flip the game world around your "Lazy Raider" to collect gems and snag relics while avoiding enemies and traps.

Supposedly the game offers 11 hours of gameplay, which I'll be interested to see.

"With Lazy Raiders, we wanted to create a compelling twist on a classic genre, updated with enhanced graphics and a creative utilization of game physics,” said Guy Boucher, President and Creative Director of Sarbakan. “The launch of Lazy Raiders on Xbox LIVE Arcade marks an important step for Sarbakan as we expand our attention towards original IP development for the PC and console market.”
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