Latest Rainbow Six Vegas 2 video is silenced

by: Randy -
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I can appreciate maximum casualties just as much as the next guy (no loose ends!), but I also prefer it be done with the minimal amount of alarms going off.  Enter every stealth-kill operatives best friend:  the silencer.  Here's a word about silencers from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Game Designer, Steven Masters:
"In Rainbow Six Vegas 2 the silencer is one of the most important gun attachments in the game and has a direct impact on gameplay.  Throughout certain missions, your intel officer will recommend infiltration tactics and using the silencer to take out enemies.  This strategy will prevent other enemies from being alerted and will allow you and your team to navigate more freely. Not following the recommendations will mean going through the mission with hostile terrorists ready for battle. The enemy AI adapts according to your tactics used. Using the silencer also allows you to discover new ways to play the game. With a big emphasis on observing your environment, you can discover new ways to take on the enemy that you would have never seen if you chose a more aggressive tactic. The level design was created with multiple entries and different tactics in mind to support this type of gameplay. Tip: A silencer added to a gun reduces the amount of recoil, but the trade off is less damage when shooting enemies or breakable/penetrable objects."
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