Latest Nether update adds motorcycles and new game mode

by: Travis -
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Urban survival game Nether from Phosphor Game Studios has recently been updated with new features, the most noteworthy being the addition of motorcycles for players. The newly-added motorbikes provide players with new options for traveling around the game's city ruins. The latest update also adds a new group system that enables players to chat with select teammates in addition to seeing their locations on the game map.

Players can also try their luck in the new Escort Mission game mode in which survivors have to transport cargo to Safezones all the while fending off hordes of nethers. The mode is made more complicated for players holding the boxes as they aren't able to use their weapons during transport.

Additional cosmetic gear has also been added to the in-game marketplace ranging from ski masks to baseball caps. Nether is available now for Windows PC through the Early Access program on Steam.

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