Latest Mass Effect 2 DLC revealed

by: Sean Colleli -
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Bioware has been pretty good at providing DLC for Mass Effect 2, and they've just announced the next downloadable chapter. Titled Lair of the Shadow Broker, it will focus on Shepard and Liara's hunt for the nefarious information merchant. Liara seemed very preoccupied with hunting him down during the events of Mass Effect 2, acting distant and obsessed compared to her kind and compassionate attitude in the first game.

I was kind of disappointed that important characters like Kaiden and Liara didn't get much screen time in Mass Effect 2, especially considering that Shepard had potential romantic involvement with these characters in the first game that didn't get elaborated on in the sequel. This DLC pack could prove to have the most profound effect on Shepard and his relationship with key characters, especially if you chose to romance Liara in the first game, and then hooked up with another crew member in the sequel. Maybe the Shadow Broker isn't the only reason Liara's gotten a little chilly.
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