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Johan Andersson, lead developer of Hearts of Iron 3, has his latest developer diary up over at This installment in the series (no. 6) focuses on intelligence, diplomacy and convoys as well as the politics in the game. Checkout these recent screens while we wait for the game to hit the PC in late 2009.
Internal Politics and Political Parties Take Center Stage in Newest Hearts of Iron 3 Developer Diary

NEW YORK - Nov. 19, 2008

Paradox Interactive today unveiled the newest developer diary entry from Johan Andersson, Lead Developer on Hearts of Iron 3, on Mr. Andersson’s posting breeches the subjects of intelligence, diplomacy, convoys, and the addition of political parties to HoI3.

Johan writes, “Although Hearts of Iron 3 is a war game and our main focus is on the war aspect, we felt we could not neglect the home front - in particular, politics. We felt that the Hearts of Iron 2 event-heavy system didn’t do quite what we wanted due to its static nature, which made it harder to react to changing situations. So we aimed to set up a system that was more dynamic in nature, but also wasn’t so detailed you had to spend more time on your internal politics than you did fighting wars.”

To read the complete developer diary entry for Hearts of Iron 3, please visit: New entries will be posted on Giant Realm every Wednesday.

Hearts of Iron 3 is scheduled for release during the latter half of 2009.
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