Latest Guitar/Band Hero DLC spans Weezer career

by: Tina -
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Although Activision has reported on the songs to appear in their upcoming music iteration, they are still presenting gamers playing Guitar Hero 5 and/or Band Hero with new tracks to feast their rock-eyes on. This week is a Weezer Track Pack. If the radio didn’t ruin it for you, perhaps playing to “Beverly Hills” on your game peripherals will do the deed. I was never a fan of Weezer’s Make Believe album, but perhaps (if you’re like me) you will more so enjoy “Pork and Beans” or better yet, “Island in the Sun” from Weezer’s better album, the Green Album.

Whatever your Weezer track of choice may be, you can now grab these tracks individually for 160 Microsoft Points/$1.99/200 Wii Points. Or, if you’re a true Weezer fan, you can grab the whole pack for 440 Microsoft Points/$5.49/550 Wii Points. These tracks will be forward compatible with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.
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