Latest DayZ development update addresses release time frame

by: Travis -
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The team behind the upcoming standalone release of DayZ has provided some new information regarding the game's development in a recent blog update. Initially slated for release at the end of last year, the development goals switched from building upon the mod's foundation to completely redeveloping the game's engine and achieving what the team had originally imagined. The development team's plan for moving forward with the game involves a closed test that will involve between 500 and 1000 focusing exclusively on the core architecture. A revised release date will follow after the initial testing has concluded.

Some of the progress that has been completed thus far includes completely overhauled inventory and item management systems. The overhauled systems focus on individual items rather than piles of equipment, which introduces numerous new gameplay concepts from durability to disease tracking. Other changes involve the transition from 2D to 3D inventory items that now allow players to change individual pieces of clothing on their characters.

Other areas of improvement include the game's interface which has been receiving inspiration from Minecraft's minimalist menu. The screenshots below showcase the redesigned building interiors that are now highly-detailed and as the development team describes more post-apocalyptic. Progress on the redesigned Chernarus has been impacted due to the ongoing imprisonment of developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar in Greece over charges of espionage.

Follow updates on the standalone version of DayZ through the game's development blog.

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