Last chance to enter to win a Razers Edge Pro

by: Nathan -
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Calling all gamers! Want to win a Razers Edge tablet? Well here is your chance. Running until Tuesday, Jan 22nd until Midnight PST you can enter a contest to win a brand new Razers Edge Pro Tablet with all available accessories. 

To enter the contest, enter at the official site The contest is only open to those who are 18 years or older.

Why are they doing this? Well Razer wants to thank the die hard PC gaming community that helped make this possible by giving away the first Pro Edge tablet to a consumer. Along with the tablet you will also receive a gamepad controller and a home console dock. 

The Razers Edge is the most powerful tablet on the planet and is specifically designed for PC gamers. Running Windows 8 on both an Intel Core Processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GT640LE GPU. Its a full-feature PC and tablet in one and has four difference modes specifically designed for gamers. 

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